Here's K-Lo arguing that I cannot be regarded as being anywhere on the spectrum known as "the right":

He voted for John Kerry. He endorsed Barack Obama. It remains a mystery to me why Andrew Sullivan is described as on the Right or a conservative. That's not me being McCarthyite. I just think words have meanings.

You will notice no mention of any actual policy or philosophical positions. The criteria are entirely about party loyalty. But I endorsed Kerry, given the fiscal and foreign policy recklessness of Bush, as "the conservative choice - for a difficult and perilous time." Many other conservatives found Bush's first term repellent as well. I can see why some would disagree with me. But conservatives pondering the Bush-Rove wreckage might ask themselves whether Bush's re-election was, in fact, a good thing for conservatism. I wrote my own defense of conservatism in my book. It seems to me that if K-Lo wants to dispute my arguments as unconservative, she should read the book and explain her differences.

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