Republican = Conservative? II

K-Lo responds to me:

Anyone who reads NRO regularly and honestly knows I don't equate conservatism with the Republican party. Breaking news: I don't know much of anyone who does Remember Rush blasting McCain during the primaries?

Palin's line about socialism earlier today would have worked a heckuva lot better doggonit if we didn't just have that Republican-led big-government moment. The Republican party hasn't been a conservative experiment lately, but good luck squeezing one out of a Obama-Pelosi-Reid Washington. It will be on the backbenches, in the wilderness, as they say. While the Freedom of Choice Act and apparently some international crisis for which we'll hate Obama-Biden, and an Obama SCOTUS justice or two are ushered in.

Well, at least she concedes that the last eight years have not been an exercize in conservatism. As for SCOTUS, we'll live.