"I think the media is driven by a need to see this history happen. And I think they've rationalized it, they think they're on the level with McCain, that he's not the old McCain. But he is the old McCain. He just doesn't know what happened to the old press corps...  Your blogging colleague over there seems to have lost his fucking mind, you know.  Prior to Sarah Palin, he was accusing me of being a plagiarist, the whole Solzhenitsyn thing, the cross in the sand, and then it turned out that Sozhenitsyn didn't write such a story.  I mean, Jesus Christ, it's just remarkable.  This whole story about how the baby isn't hers?  Jesus Christ. Just crazy shit," - Mark Salter, in a must-read interview with Jeffrey Goldberg.

For the record, I only ever cited Luke Veronis' citation of Solzhenitsyn, and subsequently found the first real mention of the cross in the dirt story in Billy Graham.

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