"I said to my wife, after watching Palin’s debate with Senator Biden, that I could only think of one question that woman might not duckone she actually might answer, even with enthusiasm. Here’s the question. I have never field-dressed a moose, butin my deer-hunting daysI have field-dressed deer, and I would have liked to ask the perky Alaskan if the process is more or less the same. (Only a lot bigger!) I could easily imagine Gov. Palin’s eyes brightening; an onslaught of pre-orgasmic winking might have ensued. “Ya know,” she might have begun, “ya just gotta make a big slit from the critter’s brisket to its crotch, and ya gotta reach way the heck up and grab hold of the rectum. Ya can’t let the feces fall out and get all over the meat, ya know. But there’s really nothin’ to it. It’s just a mooseit’s not a Russian, or somethin’!” I think that pretty much covers what the governor might say in answer to that question, except that she probably wouldn’t use the feces wordif ya know what I mean," - novelist John Irving.

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