Helen Rittelmeyer attacks Conor Friedersdorf:

…we aren’t all special political snowflakes, and we have to pick teams.  The rules would be different if politics were meant to be a process for discovering truth, but it isn’t, not even in a democracy. You stick with your team and help it win, and, if you have problems with the ideas your team is promoting, you take it up with them outside the political realm. I’ll admit that blogs exist in a strage middle ground between political rhetoric and intra-party discussion, but I think I can sidestep the problem by saying that, if you can’t take your discussion out of the other team’s view, then at least conduct it in such a way that the other team understands you’re still standing by your guys no matter how the argument turns out.

Ugh. Conor answers here. But it's great that there's now an online conservative magazine, Culture 11, where real dissent is allowed and the next generation can begin to debate the future of the right.

(Full disclosure: Conor is a Dish alum.)

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