A reader writes:

I remember this Pearl Cream ad, and it's not so quaint or "classic" as you think.

It ran on cable (and maybe late night on broadcast stations) in the late 1980s or, more likely, early 90s. I remember it primarily because the stereotyping and the use of Nancy Kwan as spokesperson made me squirm. Fact check: In the ad, Ms Kwan made reference to her 'recent' appearance in Nobel House, a TV mini-drama from 1988. Also, cable was still primitive and not widely available, even to the rural market whom cable television was intended to serve, in the 70s.

I offer this small correction because, having reached a certain age (younger, however, than Ms Kwan is now), I find myself increasingly annoyed by the telescoping of history and by nostalgia in general.

I stand corrected. It still cracks me up.

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