Palin's Numbers Keep Tanking

The newest poll reinforces the view that the selection of Palin was the worst campaign decision of modern times:

The percentage of white women viewing her favorably dropped 21 points since early September, among independent women it fell 24 points. More broadly, the intensity of negative feelings about Palin are also notable: 40 percent of voters have "strongly unfavorable" views, more than double the post-convention number. Nearly half of independent women now see her in a very negative light, a nearly three-fold increase.

The shift in Palin's ratings come with a pronounced spike in the percentage of voters who see her as lacking the experience it takes to be a good president. Voters were about evenly divided on that question a month and a half ago, but toward the end of September a clear majority said she was not qualified. In the new poll, 58 percent said she is insufficiently experienced...

Perhaps more fundamentally for Palin's national political future, though, is that voters in the new poll are evenly divided about whether she understands their problems. Three weeks ago, 60 percent said she did; now, it is 50 percent yes, 47 percent no.