One day, Camille Paglia will, I think, be embarrassed by this. What I think has happened to some otherwise very brilliant and perceptive people is that they have become so hostile to "liberal pundits" or "Hollywood liberals", that their reactions are really reactions not to Palin herself but to those criticizing her and the selection of her. These people are anti-anti-Palin and if forced to be pro-Palin, they'd have a very hard time explaining it. Actually, Camille is pro-Obama, so she doesn't have to go that far. But just because liberals are annoying and Hollywood liberals make you want to vomit doesn't mean Palin is qualified to be vice-president. Look: Tim Robbins is about the only person who could make me support McCain. But I'm not stupid enough to let my loathing of idiotic Hollywood liberals affect my judgment of this farce of a veep candidate.

I don't think Palin is dumb; she is just proudly ignorant, a cynical opportunist and a pathological liar.

Schmidt will not allow a press conference because Palin simply doesn't know enough to be a vice-presidential candidate and so has to be protected from having that exposed in a manner that is simply unmissable. And they will not allow a press conference because Palin has told so many really bad and stupid lies about so many aspects of her life that she couldn't keep the lies straight in an hour of relentless press questioning.

How Camille thinks this farce of a candidacy is a victory for feminism is beyond me. It is not a victory for feminism to have the second ever female vice-presidential candidate unable to hold a press conference and held to lower standards than any other male or female candidate in modern history.

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