A reader writes:

Thanks for that.  That really struck my heart.  I suppose my being the father of a racially mixed son might have something to do with it, but I find myself looking at the photo and wondering, "Did he ever think his grandson would be the Democratic nominee for President?"


Frankly, I'm having a hard time believing it. It seems so surreal at times. Just last month I was called "nigger lover" for being in public with my wife. (I live in the exburbs of VA.) Yelled by a passing car of course...

I am always aware of just how far this country has to go with race relations.  I see it almost everyday.  But this campaign has torn open the flimsy bandage that had been covering the wound and now it seems everyone can see it.  I have mixed emotions about it. 

I think it is healthy for America to see the gangrene that still rots in its soul and yet I also think there are those who think it's now okay to be racist.  I find myself not daring to hope that Obama will win, because I've been disappointed too many times.  But IMO, it would go a LONG way towards racial healing.  It's just a shame that all THAT has to be part of this campaign.

I look at my son and I sincerely hope that one day none of the stupid stuff will be an issue in the campaigns of the future.  In the meantime, sometimes it is painful to be a proud American...

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