A reader writes:

I'm a liberal and a decided Obama voter.  But Democrats' excuses for Obama with respect to Ayers are extremely annoying to me.  I haven't seen in the press a clear explanation of why Obama attended an event at Ayers' home, or whether or not he knew about Ayers activities.  But, if Obama didn't know that Ayers' was a terrorist, who is today largely unremorseful, then let him clearly tell us.  If Obama knew Ayers was an unremorseful terrorist, then let him explain to us why he felt it was okay for him to call on Ayers at his home.

I draw the line at violence. If Ayers were a retired Palestinian terrorist, or anti-Indian Sikh terrorist, or Irish terrorist, or a former brutal murderous Nicaraguan contra rebel, my opinion would not change. Core values about life and death should not be flexible in the face of partisan challenges. Everything I'm reading now from fellow liberals is mere excuses. Until Obama adequately replies, John McCain has every right to attack him on these grounds.

Yes - although murkily conflating Obama with Islamist terror is disgusting. My view on the Ayers question specifically - not unsympathetic to my reader's - is here.

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