Ruffini looks to the future:

Everyone remembers Howard Dean for the "scream" but I think his example provides a context in which Sarah Palin could lose the election, but ultimately win the party and pave the way for a conservative victory in the future more meaningful than McCain-Palin '08 would be...

I was thinking on similar lines, as I watched Palin's Colorado rally last night with greater and greater hathos. The concept of Palin as a marketing tool, as an emblem of pure content-free identity politics, is very powerful. You can see why on paper, Kristol loved her, the way he loved the concept of Iraqi liberation. The only trouble is the actual reality: the fact that she has no record to speak of, that what she has is dreadful, that she has no education, that she is a pathological liar, that she is a vicious hater of those unlike her, that she is a McCarthyite sans communism.

So I had an idea. Next time, why not create an entirely CGI version of the neocon fantasy that is immune to reality? Think Angelina Jolie in Beowulf.

Give the CGI Palin even more massive boobs, longer legs, towering porn-style pumps, redder lipstick and real starburst potential. Program the CGI version with pre-packaged soundbites about patriotism and real America and freedom and whatnot. Palin has no specific proposals, but the CGI Palin would be able to go one step further and adopt whatever policies focus groups think are desirable. You can by-pass the press entirely, create a CGI propaganda machine, and eventually, construct your own CGI Fox News which simply broadcasts a CGI version of reality.

As long as the real world ceases to exist, bingo! And isn't that what we have discovered is the core element of today's GOP: pure fantasy?

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