Michael Goldfarb On Joe Klein

It's a tiny little thing, but it says so much about what has happened to John McCain. Joe Klein has long been close to McCain, is centrist on foreign policy, serious about national defense, and one of the most respected journalists in America. He owned the Clinton story for a decade. He does his homework. He reports deeply, and has great sources in political and especially military elites. He's a patriot. And this is how the former neocon blogger, Michael Goldfarb, explains why Klein has been barred from the McCain and Palin press planes:

"We don't allow Daily Kos diarists on board either."

But McCain does allow a barely adult Weekly Standard hack to be his spokesman. That's all you need to know. And no, McCain will not be able to pull his mea culpa schtick if he loses. We've all seen what he really is in this campaign.