McCain-Palin's Desperate Attempt To Stop Troopergate

They've now made an emergency appeal to the state Supreme Court to prevent the issuance of a report on the abuse of power by Sarah Palin in trying to get her ex brother-in-law fired from being a state trooper. The resistance to transparency is coming from an out-of-state entity:

Texas-based Liberty Legal Institute and Anchorage attorney Kevin Clarkson, representing the group of anti-investigation legislators, filed the emergency appeal.

"The plaintiffs and Alaskans will suffer irreparable harm if the investigation at issue continues and if the resulting investigative report issues as planned on Oct. 10, 2008," they wrote in their appeal.

I see no reason why candidates for the highest offices in the country should shut down legitimate legislative investigations into their alleged abuse of power, started long before they were such candidates. In fact, I see very good reason for American voters to know what the Alaska legislature made of Palin's ethics before they get to vote in November. But as we know, John McCain believes in minimal transparency and maximal secrecy. At least he has since Sarah Palin was pickd for his veep.