Rich "Little Starbursts" Lowry:

McCain has suffered from his own manifest lack of interest in economic issues. He was chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee for four years, but you’d never know it. He repeatedly misstates his only real tax proposal for the middle class, an increase in the dependent exemption. Often, he calls it a credit. In the first debate, he called it a dividend. He might as well lurch into Tina Fey territory and call it that “hoozie-what’s-it.”

Lowry credentializes himself with the thug base by calling Jeremiah Wright "anti-American". I'm no big fan of Wright's and disagree with him on many things. It's legitimate to raise his connection with Obama in this campaign. But when someone volunteered to serve their country as a Marine and as a Navy corpsman and has three White House letters of commendation for his medical care of president Johnson, calling him "anti-American" on the basis of a prophetic piece of homiletic hyperbole is pretty low.

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