Marriage Equality In The Balance

Marc says it's close:

Internal polling for proponents of Proposition 8, which would ban same-sex marriage in California, shows the race tied; public polls have it tied at 44% to 44% with 12 percent undecided. Internal polling for opponents of proposition 8 have the race within the margin of error.

Donate here. A vivid report on the overwhelmingly Mormon Yes On 8 campaign here:

At Friday's rally, the ladies in charge of the booth selling signs and tee-shirts were LDS, as were numerous audience members. Still, perhaps to guard against anti-LDS prejudice, the church is by all appearances trying to play its role quietly. Only later did I discover, for instance, that Marvin Perkins, the "community leader," is also something more unusual: an African-American Mormon--and one who appears to be very active in church outreach.

You don't say. Yes On 8 has been bankrolled to the tune $20 million from the LDS church. And their main theme has been the ancient blood libel against gay people (and Jews): that we're out to "recruit" or abuse others' children.