On the press and "Joe The Plumber":

...a dirty, desperate war against Joe Wurzelbacher is on. The left’s political plumbers are attacking the messenger, rummaging through his personal life and predictably wielding the race card once again. It’s standard operating procedure for the Obama thug machine. ... Left-wing blogs immediately went to work, blaring headlines like “Not A Real $250k Plumber!” Next, they falsely accused Wurzelbacher of not being registered to votehe’s registered in Lucas County, Ohio, and voted as a Republican in this year’s primary. ...

In 2007, on the kid called Graeme Frost, cited by Democrats in defense of S-CHIP:    

A word for all the faux outraged leftists accusing conservative bloggers of waging a “smear campaign:” Asking questions and subjecting political anecdotes to scrutiny are what journalists should be doing.

When a family and Democrat political leaders drag a child down to Washington at 6 in the morning to read a script written by Senate Democrat staffers on a crusade to overturn a presidential veto, someone might have questions about the family’s claims. The newspapers don’t want to do their jobs. The vacuum is being filled.   If you don’t want questions, don’t foist these children onto the public stage.

Does that apply to Trig Palin as well?

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