Lowry On Palin


It's probably right that the McCain campaign should have eased her into national media interviews, rather than throwing her into extremely high-stakes situations immediately.

Immediately? She's been the nominee for over a month and she still hasn't given a press conference! She had the easiest of Gibson interviews after a few weeks and than an infomercial from Fox, combined with a propaganda movie, and then Hewitt! Yes, Couric asked questions that any local politician can answer. That was too much? Dan Quayle answered press questions a day after being nominated. No veep candidate has ever in modern times avoided the press the way she has. Ever.

Look: we have a person who doesn't know of another Supreme Court case apart from Roe vs Wade and cannot name a newspaper she reads. She has been sequestered from any normal press access for a month.

And we are being asked to lower the standards for public office by this amount ... and it's the press's fault! No one serious about this country can even consider voting for this know-nothing pathological liar, however pretty. All Rich Lowry has done is show he does not take national security or even basic competence in government seriously.

Press conference now! Release her tax returns in full. Demand her medical records. Until then, no one should even consider voting for her.