Clark Stooksbury:

It’s not hard to figure out what the talking point among increasingly desperate Republican shills is. I counted the word “Ayers” one hundred times in the Corner, and that only got me back two days, with two more days still on visible on the main page.

But here's why they're stupid. Voters have gotten to know Obama over the last year. What they've seen is something quite unremarkable: a gifted, cautious, gracious but very conventional politician.

He remains very much the same, never panics, and doesn't seem in any way volatile. The last thing he appears to be is radical. If anyone is a radical in this race, it's McCain. And yet these people want the American public to believe Obama is actually some Huey Newton in Sidney Poitier drag; they want people to think of him the way they think of Osama bin Laden or other foreigners; they seem to believe that this temperamentally very conservative character, advised by Rubin and Buffett and Goolsbee and Furhman, is some crazy leftist like Jesse Jackson. Please.

Americans are not as dumb as the Rove GOP still thinks. And the more the Rovians do this, the more they seem desperate, blinkered, and nasty. This will not rescue the GOP. It will force them to circle the drain of history a little faster.

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