Joe The Mugger?

Drudge is hyping this story to the rafters (he must have run out of outlier polls), but Malkin is skeptical. So is TSG. And TMZ. And Wonkette. I have no idea, and hope the woman gets some medical attention for her wounds. Occasional acts of violence with political ramifications will occur on both sides, I'm afraid. It seems to me that we should try and calm this stuff down a little in coverage, rather than ratchet it up. A reader adds:

If you were being mugged and attacked by a big old angry man, would you be still enough for him to neatly scratch a "B" into the center of your cheek? Also, the "B" is backwards. It would look correct in the mirror if you were to scratch it into your own face. This is a sad story.

I have no idea. But it's no less credible than Drudge's latest poll shock.