I just read this piece in Out magazine about the gay press corps. Could any piece in the straight press be this shallow, this uninformed and this homophobic? The reason gay men are campaign reporters? Take it away, Out:

It’s also a glamour job -- inasmuch as any ink-stained gig can be glamorous -- that keeps you close to high-profile people. “I think a lot of gay men are attracted to that boldface-namey thing,” says a gay reporter who has covered presidential campaigns. “My guess is that if you did a canvass of gay male journalists who are on-air or who are writing -- so I’m taking out copy editors and producers and that sort of thing -- you would find them gravitating toward spotlighty things. To me, that’s one of those things gays appreciate, is life on the public stage.”

I mean: seriously. And why exactly does this moron stay off-the-record?

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