Holding The Dems Accountable

Greenwald forewarns:

If those who spent the last eight years vigorously opposing the radicalism, militarism, and anti-constitutional abuses of the Bush administration fail to oppose the Democratic leadership with equal fervor when they violate the same principles -- as they inevitably will -- then the humiliation of the Right and its removal from power will be emotionally satisfying, perfectly just, and a very mild improvement, but will ensure the continuation rather than the termination of most of the worst abuses of this government.

Agreed. Keep me honest if Obama wins. I intend to go into constructive opposition if he does.

I'm not a liberal, but I do think he's the best chance this country has to get past its denial and the stain of the last eight years. I should add that keeping Obama honest and accountable does not exclude continuing to expose the failures and war crimes of the past administration. They may leave office, but they will always be accountable, and some of us will have to work hard to bring them to justice. It will be painful but necessary for the survival of the rule of law.