A reader writes:

I've never seen that picture of Obama's grandparents before. The picture of his grandfather amazed me -- I find the resemblance striking. (The ears, the long chin, the tilt of his head.) Frankly, I notice more family resemblance there than in the few pictures of his father I've seen. This feels significant to me, and I'm trying to articulate why ... something to do with how stupidly mistaken so many people are about his otherness.

Check out the photo, if you missed it, here. One unintended consequence of the Hawaii visit will, of course, be greater exposure to the fact that Obama's mom and grandparents, the people who raised him, are all white. I bet a lot of those made afraid of Obama still do not know this. More now will. The only thing we have to fear is fear. The only thing we have to rely on is hope. That's what this election is now a struggle between.

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