Fleeing Accountability


Still no press conference for Palin whose levels of reality-denial keep going up. Even her Doctor Frankenstein, Bill Kristol, favors her actually, you know, engaging the press in a free country. But no medical records, not even a one-on-one at NBC, just phone calls to Rush Limbaugh and Laura Ingraham and insane pronouncements of unvarnished untruth. It's worth pointing out that this has never happened before. Every vice-presidential candidate in modern times has given at least one press conference between being picked and the election. Why is this one different? What is she so afraid of? Why is McCain allowing this? Roland Martin is having none of it:

So, Sarah, if you want to talk big on the campaign trail to those audiences that don't talk back, go right ahead. But if you truly are the maverick politician you say you are, come on and talk to us soft, coddled, elitist journalists. Surely we aren't as tough as the moose you like to take down with your Second Amendment-protected hunting rifle.

Who is she really? A press conference now.

(Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty.)