Email From New Hampshire

A reader writes:

I was canvassing all day yesterday in Manchester NH, which I've been doing every weekend since the beginning of September.

I was last in the Manchester office (the state HQ) a month ago, and there were maybe 30-50 people at a time coming through.  Yesterday, there were well over a hundred.  Local Democratic committees were using saved-up funds to hire buses to transport anyone who volunteered, and local volunteers were used to shuttle canvassers to and from their turfs.  The Obama campaign (which shares an office with the Shaheen senate campaign) has a great location with some visibility on the main street in Manchester.  The McCain folks have an office on the third floor of an old building in an out-of-the-way part of town with no ground floor visibility.

After all this time in various parts of New Hampshire, yesterday was the first time I saw any McCain literature left on doorsteps and the first time I ran into anyone canvassing for McCain.  Besides their relative absence, I was surprised to find that the canvassers were boys who looked like they might not be old enough to vote themselves, and they were walking around together in groups of 3, which adds nothing in terms of effectiveness and means that you can only visit 1/3 as many houses.