Conservative Women And Palin

A reader writes:

Really any woman who considers herself a conservative or identifies with the Republican party should be embarrassed by Sarah Palin.  Seriously, this is the female face of the party.  The debate was a joke, setting the bar so low that as long as she didn't drool all over herself it's considered a victory.  That is what Republican women should be proud of?  Her winking and talking "folksy", you betcha goshdarnit, that's the way the party wants to represent itself to the country and the world?

The fact that so many other qualified women in the party, like Olympia Snowe (whom I admire greatly), Kay Baily Hutchinson, Christie Todd Whitman (my former governor) are able to communicate and connect with the American people, were passed over for this disaster of a candidate,  is greatly disheartening to me as a young woman.  Say what you want about Hillary Clinton, but she didn't ask to be treated differently. She was able to take on the big boys and even throw some elbows, too.  I just can't believe this is the example that the Republicans want to set for the future and for young women especially.