The next generation in both America and Britain, Democrat and Tory, call for change. From Tory leader David Cameron's speech today:

And there is a big argument I want to make – about the financial crisis and the economic downturn, yes but about the other issues facing the country too. It’s an argument about experience. To do difficult things for the long-term or even to get us through the financial crisis in the short term what matters more than experience is character and judgment, and what you really believe needs to happen to make things right.  I believe that to rebuild our economy, it’s not more of the same we need, but change.
To repair our broken society, it’s not more of the same we need, but change.
Experience is the excuse of the incumbent over the ages. Experience is what they always say when they try to stop change. In 1979, James Callaghan had been Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary and Chancellor before he became Prime Minister. He had plenty of experience. But thank God we changed him for Margaret Thatcher.

Or to paraphrase the Tories in 1979. Cheer up. The Republicans can't hold on for ever.

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