Here they are listed on the hospital's website. Trig Palin, who was born there, Sarah Palin tells us, on April 18 at 6.30 am, is nowhere to be found. If you can find any public record of Trig Palin's birth anywhere, please let me know. I will gladly publish it as soon as I find it. So far, none exists that I have been able to track down.

The Dish contacted Mat-Su and asked what the criteria are for including the names of the babies born in the hospital.

They said that inclusion on the list is by parental choice and they ask all parents. When asked if it was therefore a fair inference to say that they asked the Palins and the Palins chose not to have their child included on the list, the hospital told us that the Palins' privacy barred them from answering those questions. I asked the McCain-Palin campaign to comment but they refuse to answer my emails.

As far as the propriety of demanding such basic public records, I am merely following Sarah Palin's own standards. In her first race for mayor of Wasilla, she demanded the marriage license of her opponent be made public. Why? Because his wife kept her maiden name - and Palin deemed that sufficiently unusual to demand total transparency. If that level of transparency is necessary for the race for Wasilla mayor, why is it "unspeakable" for the vice-presidency of the United States? Is being mayor of Wasilla more significant than possibly being US president?

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