At Her Floor?

Chris Orr thinks it gets better for Palin from now on:

[Palin] is much closer to her floor of support right now than her ceiling. At this point, I suspect, most of the likely voters who are open to being persuaded that Sarah Palin is unqualified to be vice president of the United States have already been persuaded. Though the McCain campaign did a great job of stifling the Katie Couric interview when it first began to air a week ago (though what they stifled it with was probably worse for them), it's continued to percolate for a week now, with new embarrassments--she reads "all" newspapers and magazines, she can only name one Supreme Court case--trickling out daily. Even voters who still haven't seen the Couric bits have probably read or heard about them.

I have little doubt that as a former sportscaster, she can make a few statements and soundbites tonight that can rally the base.

I have little to no confidence in Biden's capacity to shut up when he needs to. He simply can't. And he will doubtless make a few gaffes as well.

What matters is the give-and-take, a chance to really get Palin to answer questions by following up on the canned responses. The GOP machine has done its best to intimidate Ifill from doing her job; I just hope Ifill doesn't cave into the pressure. But whatever happens tonight, what we really need is an open and free-wheeling press conference soon. The idea that a candidate for vice-president could go through an entire campaign without a single press conference is as absurd as it is terrifying.