Rich "Little Starbursts" Lowry:

If Obama is elected, won't we have our most left-wing government ever? Obama is to the left of FDR and LBJ, Democrats who existed in a different world, prior to the cultural revolution in the Democratic party. Carter and Clinton both ran as, and had records as, Southern moderates. ...on the face of it this would be the most left-wing government ever, no? Am I missing something?

Only the last eight years.

Have you seen the deficit? Have you seen the nationalization of the financial sector? The occupation of foreign lands in order to democratize them? The Medicare prescription drug entitlement? Have you checked government spending? Have you seen the growth of earmarks? Yes: Obama is prepared to tolerate legal abortion and doesn't want to strip gay couples of all rights - as in every other developed country in the West. But under Bush, the abortion regime remained in place and gay couples got legally married in Massachusetts and California - and in several countries around the world.

What is Lowry's point? And when will he get a clue?

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