Patrick Ruffini dismisses McCain and begs the RNC to focus on the Senate:

Extraordinary circumstances compel us to begin considering different strategies, including a break with the RNC's tradition as the Presidential committee in Presidential years.

The RNC's IE unit should drop at least $15 million on 4 or 5 key Senate races that are salvageable in the last three weeks.

And the decision for Victory to stay in or pull out of states should be heavily influenced by the presence of key Senate and House contests.

And McCain should start explicitly making the argument for divided government, with him as the only hope of preserving it. This is unlikely to be a voting issue at the Presidential level, but we need to get the idea percolating that we are about to elect Obama with unchecked, unlimited power. Power corrupts... absolute power corrupts absolutely, etc.

Obama at 56 seats makes life hard, but a lot more bearable than Obama at 60 seats. The death of the filibuster would be like losing the White House all over again.

The divided government argument is McCain's strongest. The current polling does not imply a 60 seat majority. But it keeps getting closer.

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