Noah Pollak, poor love,  doesn't understand Obamacons:

I think that this phenomenon can’t be analyzed without controlling for the probability of an Obama victory. It might be more accurate to call the Obamacons something like “Obamatunists.” It makes life much easier in Washington to have been counted as a supporter of the incumbent administration, especially when a side benefit of having switched sides is to be lavished with media attention and hailed as a great visionary. I doubt more than one or two of these characters would have announced for Obama if his and McCain’s polling numbers were reversed. Would Colin Powell have done so? Unthinkable.

Oh, please. Some of us anti-Bush conservatives took a stand five years ago and were not exactly hailed a great visionaries by anyone. And many of the criticism we made in 2003 - fiscal recklessness, massive spending, dreadful war management, legalizing torture - have subsequently been vindicated even by many now supporting McCain. There are many, good conservative reasons to back Obama this time. Maybe Pollak could address the reasons substantively instead of throwing aspersions around. Maybe if the partisan right had addressed the conservative critique of Bush-Cheney substantively five years ago, the conservative movement would not now be in a state of near-collapse.

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