A reader writes:

Early voting in North Carolina started today. I just voted for Obama. There was a line. There was a line! After the debate last night, I feel almost giddy. It is hard to remain cautious, especially living where I do: Asheville. It's like San Francisco, except it's in the mountains.

But there is also a word of caution.

An older man, also in line, told the woman she could not vote because she was electioneering. Another man spoke up and said that the woman could vote so long as she wasn't arm-twisting anyone to vote for her candidate. I am a copy editor for the local newspaper as well as a political junkie. So I vaguely remember reading about some controversy regarding what people may or may not wear to the polling place and how that could be used to disenfranchise voters. It seems like this is what happened at my polling place this afternoon. The poll worker clarified the situation, stating the only ones who could not wear campaign paraphernalia were poll workers. I let my editors know, and now I'm letting you know.

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