A reader writes:

You and I don't agree on everything.  I'm an atheist (although not in the anti-religion vein that Bill Maher subscribes to and I was glad to see you take him to task).  I was against the invasion of Iraq. But, the one thing I do agree with you on is that "conservatives" have lost their way.  However, I felt that a proper debate about that was impossible in the age of Malkin and Coulter.

I found no solace in the libertarian fringe that dominated the Ron Paul grassroots or Libertarian politics in general.   I was often attacked as a Godless, terrorist, lunatic, and traitor on right wing forums for trying to start a conversation on where we as conservatives a heading.  I've never responded in kind and ultimately left those sites to their own devices.

Through all of it, I continued to read your site. You truly seemed like "one crying out in the wilderness" and I was listening. Then I stumbled through a few links on one of your post to discover Culture 11. Realizing the site is still young and may yet become dominated by the "foaming-mouth" right-wing, it has given me hope that post culture war conservatives may still still have a fighting chance. No one has attacked me on the basis of religion and arguments are conducted in a respectful-thoughtful manner. So, the long and short of this e-mail is to thank you. Thank you for being a rational conservative and pointing me in the direction of the site. You are not alone and now neither am I.

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