The Obama camp responds to McCain's new ad:

Calling McCain 'Bush III'  only goes so far. Obama needs to own the economy, as Clinton did. In Ken Wheaton's words:

The Obama/Biden Campaign has gone up with a response to the McCain/Palin mavericks spot released earlier. You can see it below. In it, the Obama campaign says "Nuh-uh, they're not mavericks. In fact, they're just like George W. Bush." OK, I'm paraphrasing. Memo to Democrats. That line of attack isn't working with independent and undecided voters. I've been saying this for months now, but I'm not a high-priced pollster, branding expert or one of them fancy TV pundits.

So maybe you'll listen to John Quelch, senior associate dean and Lincoln Filene Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School, who told me last week: "It's a huge mistake for the Democrats to run against Bush as opposed to running against McCain. It's like competing against a brand your competition has already announced it's pulling off the market." But maybe you think that Mr. Quelch is just the same old marketing.

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