Tyler Cowen thinks Palin has her own agenda:

The people who are right now the happiest may end up the most concerned.  For better or worse, they're about to lose control of their movement.

Who does he think he's kidding? Do we have any idea of any agenda in her past except drilling for oil, the Assemblies of God, and her own ambition? Palin fits the Bush mold, but ratcheted up one more notch toward absurdity, and several more notches toward puppetry. She is a passionate Christianist - no legal abortion ever, no sex education, no gay rights, no embryonic stem cell research, creationism in schools. And she is being tutored by AIPAC and Joe Lieberman on foreign policy: war against Iran, war against Russia, permanent occupation of Iraq, and entrenchment of torture as a key American value.

All she has is ambition, the willingness to lie at any time about anything - and the ability to placate the two central constituencies: the Christianist base and the neocons. She is Bill Kristol's wet dream: Dan Quayle with lipstick.

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