It's actually quite simple. We've had three truncated days of the RNC and I cannot say I have learned any over-arching policy argument from the podium. We've heard endless jibes at Obama and countless calls to drill for more oil. None of this addresses the serious policy issues in this campaign. I don't agree with Rick Davis who believes this election is about personalities, not issues.

So what McCain needs to do is tell us what he will do for the economy, for energy independence, for healthcare, for the debt, for Iraq and Afghanistan. If he doesn't, it's over. More to the point: it should be over.

Look: I like the man and have written countless columns in his defense over the years. I loathe what has happened to the GOP under Bush, as I think he does. But his general campaign has been a horrible Rovian tactic so far, not a serious program for reform. I'd like this campaign to be a credit to him. So far, it has been a disaster. I don't think he can rescue himself form the Palin pick, but if he can, he will have to start tonight.

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