What "Jews For Jesus" Is About

The ADL has some good background here, here and here. Yes, Abe Foxman's ADL. Money quote from the J4J founder:

"As we win and disciple Jewish people, we urge them to take their place in a local evangelical church or establish a congregation and call their own minister. Our duty is to aid the church at large and we work as an arm of that body to gather in the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel."

The ADL notes:

Not surprisingly, many Jews find the tactics and beliefs of Jews for Jesus offensive, and numerous Jewish leaders have condemned the group.

Christians of many denominations have also voiced their disapproval of the group's theology and tactics... And while Jews for Jesus would convert all Jews to Christianity, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has stated that since the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s, the Christian evangelizing mission "no longer includes the wish to absorb the Jewish faith into Christianity and so end the distinctive witness of Jews to God in human history."

So Foxman's assertion that the Catholic church is somehow worse than this seems at odds with his own website.