Scheuneman's and McCain's diss of a NATO ally continues to reverberate:

Yes, Zapatero is a center-left politician who pulled troops out of Iraq, but Spanish troops are also fighting alongside American troops in Afghanistan. He stood up to Hugo Chavez, a dictator who is actually problematic for the U.S., at the Ibero-American Summit. He is the leader of an important European democracy. And John McCain wouldn't meet with him as President? That is just nuts.

Here's Yglesias's response:

That’s an insane policy. Recall that under the North Atlantic Treaty, the United States is actually obligated to go to war on behalf of Spanish territorial integrity and vice versa. Also McCain might want to hire someone who can clarify for his campaign that the head of state in Spain is the “king” and the head of government is the “prime minister.”

How can anyone believe that McCain has a clue about foreign policy?

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