John Schwenkler points me to this post by Daniel Nichols:

I understand to a certain degree the enthusiasm Governor Palin has sparked. She certainly seems more like a real person than any politician in recent memory. And the loathsome attacks on her and her family inspire sympathy. But once you get past the novelty of a homeschooling hockey mom, one with apparently sincere antiabortion sentiments, what do you have? A pretty conventional Republican. She is for the war. She is pro-death penalty. Pro-empire. Apparently pro-torture (how else to understand her mockery of those who object to the mistreatment of alleged terrorists?) It is a little unnerving to see a personality cult rise around Ms Palin, especially as so many of her enthusiasts decried the same thing when Obama was its object.[...]

I’m sitting this one out. Obama has decided, in what is a bewilderingly bad move, to make his unequivocal support for abortion an issue in Ohio, running ads that claim that McCain is going to outlaw abortion. If only. I had assumed that Obama would downplay the issue, perhaps try and make some common ground. Glad he showed his hand so early, though his record speaks for itself.

I’m ordering an absentee ballot and writing in Wendell Berry.

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