Anonymous Liberal mulls it over:

Given the way he's run his campaign, I'm convinced [McCain] would authorize any attack he thought would work. I think the reason we haven't seen the Wright card played yet is that McCain and his advisers are genuinely not sure how it would go over. Could it scare some voters away from Obama? Certainly. Could it look like an overt appeal to racism and generate a backlash, especially among the media? That's also a distinct possibility.

In other words, it's a big gamble, too big a gamble to make while you're within shooting distance in the polls. But big gambles start to look better when you're trailing by a lot and running out of time. If Obama continues to maintain a decent lead in the polls, I would not be surprised to see the good reverend make an appearance in a McCain ad soon.

That may end up being the last hurdle Obama faces on his way to the White House.

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