Since the GOP is now primarily a religious organization, it's interesting to look at the theology of the brand of Republicanism that Palin comes from. Assemblies of God Republicans believe in sixteen fundamental truths, outlined here, including the Rapture. Since the GOP now holds that there can be no distinction between politics and religion, and that presidential debates need to be held in churches and moderated by pastors, it would be helpful to ask if she shares the views of the pastor of the church she grew up. To be specific: does she believe that Alaska will be a refuge in the "end-times" for the saved of the lower 48 states? He said that right in front of her. She didn't seem in any way fazed.

One thing I didn't know is that the Assemblies have historically been a pacifist denomination, although they allow individual churches to take different positions on war and peace. When Palin said that she wanted an "exit plan" from Iraq in December 2006, was that view affected by her theology?

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