Fox News now has a propaganda film up about the possible next president of the United States; but the actual press is not allowed near her. With one single exception: in a staggeringly sexist decision, Steve Schmidt has allowed Palin to be interviewed by a soft-focus, non-political magazine, People. There was also a lifestyle interview on jogging and diet in the WSJ, but that was obviously done before her selection. But no actual political journalists, asking questions about what her, you know, views are on, say, Iran or Fannie Mae or the EITC or the battle between Shia and Sunni Islam. Now: can you imagine a man being selected as vice-president and only giving feature interviews to People?

McCain's treatment of Palin is increasingly one of the most sexist displays I've ever seen in national politics. They somehow think this woman cannot handle the press. Why?

And a bleg to readers. Can you find me the first press conferences for every vice-presidential nominee since 1976? That's the modern era. Let's see how glaring a sexist double standard there is. Please provide online verification. I'll put the record out there as soon as you assemble it.

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