A great column by Ruth Marcus, rebutting the insane notion that there is any serious equivalence between the venial campaign sins of Barack Obama and the massive moral sins of John McCain:

McCain's transgressions, though, are of a different magnitude. His whoppers are bigger; there are more of them. He -- the easy out would be to say "his campaign" -- has been misleading, and at times has outright lied, about his opponent. He has misrepresented -- that's the charitable verb -- his vice presidential nominee's record. Called on these fouls, he has denied and repeated them...

Are there any corners left for McCain? Is there any reason to trust that a man running this campaign would go on to be an honest president?

No, he wouldn't. He's a fantastic and shameless liar. We all make mistakes and in a heated campaign, some fibs and lies will emerge. But the mark of a morally serious person is not their occasional failures, but their response to them. Does he correct and apologize? Does he ultimately care about the truth, about reality? Or does he refuse to acknowledge his lies and keep repeating them, even after they have been proven beyond the slightest doubt?

McCain has failed the most basic of ethical tests. He is morally and ethically unfit to be the president of the United States.

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