I know it's terribly elitist to believe that a potential president might actually have a single coherent public statement on foreign policy before her selection as veep-candidate; it's unforgivably snooty to believe that someone who had no opinion on the surge except that it should be an exit plan is self-evidently unfit to be John McCain's running mate; I know that it's now hyper-lefty and condescending to believe that a candidate should actually care whether what she says is true or not.

But what does it say about a candidate whose sole alleged expertise is energy and whose sole experience is in Alaska ... that she cannot get a basic fact right about the only area where she is supposed to know anything? And then keeps repeating a lie about it? Remember how John McCain introduced her:

Gov. Sarah Palin "knows more about energy than probably anyone in the United States of America." - Sept. 10

Just no more than a ten year old with access to Google.

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