It's sad to be lectured constantly by the Republicans on morality. My marriage, for example, is a sin, according to Republicans. And if you squint hard enough somewhere in the Bible, you can find a couple of verses that will say so. But you don't have to squint hard at all to see the Ten Commandments. And one of them is pretty clear:

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness

What we are seeing from the pious denizens of the Christianist right - once again - is not just their susceptibility to breaking this commandment, but their zeal and enthusiasm in doing so. They are obsessed with the sex lives of others but see nothing wrong with breaking one of the most fundamental moral instructions in the Bible thenmselves. A reader writes:

Thou Shalt Not Lie.

Anyone? Dobson? Romney? Hewitt? Anyone? Larry Craig?

I'm seriously losing count of the transparent frauds on the "Right." This whole Palin bump/fiasco is like one last glow of the Rove movement before it goes boom in the night.

The other thing that comes to mind is lemmings. You're right. People need to chill, take a step back, forget about the polls for a second, and understand that there is a historic implosion taking place right now. History will look back kindly on the canaries in the conservative coal mine. Unfortunately, there don't seem to be many.

Well, David Frum is quietly chirping. And Paul Mirengoff did too.

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