In terms of impact I would say this speech is easily the equal of Obama’s in 2004.

Kathleen Parker:

There's time to hash out the details, but one can't help but be excited by the reception of a woman vice presidential candidate. Just as we all felt proud when Barack Obama became the first African-American presidential candidate.


Methinks McCain has no evangelical worries anymore.

Jim Lindgren:

Geraldine Ferraro was never like this. After a middling start of her speech, Sarah Palin hit her stride. Palin's speech so far is MILES better than Biden's and will probably be better than McCain's.

Josh Marshall:

I've seen political events that I totally got and others that I thought I got but was totally wrong. So who knows? But take this as a sign that the McCain campaign has abandoned an effort to compete for swing voters and go back to the base energizing strategy that worked for President Bush in 2004. The numbers make that look like a tough proposition. But I think a few months from now, everyone will agree this was a mistake.

Jay Carney:

...two things are clear after Sarah Palin made her do-or-die debut before 20-plus million people tonight. She is amazingly self-confident. And she knows how to nail a speech.

James Joyner:

...even with a 72-year-old at the head of the ticket, the vice president will be an afterthought for most voters. After tonight, though, it’s looking like, at the very least, she won’t be a drag.

Franklin Foer:

Welcome back to Nixonland. To their credit, they were disrespectful and angry with humor, albeit a sophomoric humor. (Giuliani would have done a splendid job at a Dean Martin roast.)  But it’s clear where they are headed. They will respond to the Democrats' economic populism with cultural populism. Where Obama talked about “One America,” they will run in the polarizing mode of Rove and Atwater. In an election where they don’t have much of an economic case, this was their best card to play. I have a sinking feeling that it will work and we’re in for an ugly eight weeks.

Eve Fairbanks:

Number of exclamation points in Romney's prepared remarks: Seventeen. Number of exclamation points in Huckabee's and Giuliani's combined: Zero.

Ezra Klein:

You gotta give it to him: Rudy Giuliani is very effective. He's got mockery down. Huckabee has too light a touch, and too many peculiar stories about veterans stealing desks from small children.


Rudy’s speech was one of the great pieces of ripsnorting partisan rhetoric of our time it’s the sort of thing that makes one understand why people fall in love with politics.

Noam Scheiber:

I don't see how making media-bashing the centerpiece of your convention expands your coalition. It just sounds bitter, defensive, and more than a little conspiratorial. Tom DeLay's triumphalism notwithstanding, it's hard to believe you'd choose to do this if you weren't backed into it.

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