Repeat After Me

Those policy injections seem to be working:

Aides traveling with Ms. Palin have reported back to associates that she is a fast study asking few questions of her policy briefers but quickly repeating back their main points who already has considerable ease and experience before cameras.

Steven Taylor responds more politely than I am inclined to:

I know that all candidates, to one degree or another, go into interviews, debates and onto the stump with canned answers and that they do not have a deep understanding of all issues about which they speak. However, one does presume that they come to the campaign with a pool of existing knowledge and views which then have to be augmented. This may very well be the case with Governor Palin, but the fact that she hasn’t spoken in an uncontrolled environment for two weeks now, one does being [sic] to wonder. It also sounds like her preparation is akin to preparing for a forensics competition than anything else.

One begins to wonder? This is unprecedented. She is George W. Bush, without his upbringing.