Despite the photograph above, and mounds of public record, Reihan defends Palin's massive public lie on the Bridge to Nowhere. He also hasn't responded to this comment:

Palin supported the bridge. There are videos and pictures of her supporting the bridge. There is a video of her where she says she can read the writing on the wall about the bridge and that the political climate did not make accepting the money to build the bridge a wise move.

She didn’t tell the congress anything about building or not building the bridge, but she kept the earmark money and Alaska built an approach road to where the bridge was going to be. So she supposedly said, “I don’t want your stinking money for the bridge, we’ll build it ourselves. Oh by the way, that only applies to the bridge, we’ll take your money to build the approach road."

She does seem to have scaled back on earmarks, but she was very very earmark friendly earlier in her administration and as mayor of Wasaillia. Again, all this is available in news reports and on video.

Reihan, you are the last person I thought would be engaging in partisan spin. I thought you wanted a new party.

Also read Larison.

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