"'Andrew, I watch you at these debates with no notes, no papers and yet when asked questions you spout off facts, figures and policies and I'm amazed. But then I look out into the audience and I ask myself, "Does any of this really matter?"' - Sarah Palin, to her opponent, Andrew Halcro, about her gubernatorial debate in Alaska.

Andrew Halcro suggests debate strategy:

Since the McCain campaign demanded changes in the debate rules to include shorter question and answer times and limited interaction between the two candidates to prevent any free flowing discussions, Biden needs to simply ignore Palin on stage and answer the questions as if he were the only one there.

Any attempt to flex policy knowledge to show Palin is not ready for prime time will inevitably cast him in the role as the bully.

On the other side of the stage, Palin simply needs to do what she's always done best during debates: fill the room with her presence and stick to scripted sound bites. With limited interaction, thus less chance of going off message, Palin can definitely hold her own.

This is why we need a press conference. This debate was rigged to allow a know-nothing to mouth platitudes and charm. We need to know if she knows anything. And we need follow-ups.

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