A reader writes:

You're right, Moynihan is wrong. Protecting Palin in a bubble is just an extension of the concept of "free speech zones" where protestors are herded in small areas far from whoever is speaking. I recall the quote from someone surprised about this: "What? I thought the whole United States was free speech zone." Not under Bush, and McCain will increase the distancing and marginalization of the ruled from the rulers.

I am not a great fan of our self-important and self-infatuated media and its mindless pack mentality focus on drivel, but the McCain campaign's tactics are a new low. The Bush Administration has demonstrated contempt for the courts and argued that its members are not answerable to Congress, McCain is implicitly arguing that his won't be answerable to the 4th Estate. Maybe it's not  Putin yet, but it sure as hell is not the representative government that I grew up with.

What we are witnessing is something we should genuinely fear. That the press is complicit is an appalling dereliction of duty. Duty.

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